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Newly-released photos show the haunting images of Titanic victim's clothing lining

Posted by xmjiang

Ballard's book on the expedition. Mr Delgado said the one showing a coat and boots was cropped to show only a boot.Just found out Titanic really happened!' The tweeters who thought world's most famous shipwreck was just a film A moment of silence, flowers on the sea and a whistle in the dark: Memorial cruise passengers mark 100 years since Titanic tragedy on spot where ship went down The New York Times and Fashion online shop 2012  first reported about the photographs in Saturday editions.

Newly-released photos show the haunting images of Titanic victim's clothing lining the bottom of the ocean floor 100 years after the New York-bound ship sank in the North Atlantic. A 2004 photograph, released to the public for the first time this week in an uncropped version to coincide with the disaster's centenary, shows a coat and boots in the mud at the legendary shipwreck site.It came as the passengers of a cruise ship retracing the route of the ill-fated liner RMS Titanic held an emotional memorial service at the exact spot where the ship sank on its maiden voyage a century ago.'These are not toms shoes sale  that fell out neatly from somebody's bag right next to each other,' said James Delgado, the director of maritime heritage at the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration.

Filmmaker James Cameron, who has visited the wreck 33 times, told the newspaper that he had seen 'zero human remains' during his extensive explorations of the Titanic. 'We've seen cheap toms . We've seen pairs of shoes, which would strongly suggest there was a body there at one point. But we've never seen any human remains,' Mr Cameron said.A number of pairs were found near a coat and some other items in the sea bedFor Mr Delgado, who was the chief scientist on an expedition in 2010 that mapped the entire site, the difference in opinion is 'one of semantics.'

The fact that the pair of boots were found so close to each other implies that they were probably on the feet of a victim whose body has since disintegrated The way they are 'laid out' makes a 'compelling case' that it is where 'someone has come to rest,' he said.The image, along with two others showing pairs of boots resting next to each other, were taken during an expedition led by NOAA and famed Titanic finder Robert Ballard in 2004. They were published in. This article about women fashion online shopping from www.topfashionshopping2012.com. More trendy products are on their way, if you are interested in it, please have a visit to our shop, good day.

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